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Root Canal Treatment

Generally most people who have painful infections or damaged dental pulp in the root canal need a root canal treatment.  This happens to teeth which has been damaged, or may have a big or significant filling. This will require removing the infection or damage and disinfecting the canal before sealing it with a filling or crown.


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About the Root Canal

The component of your tooth that attaches it into your jaw is called the root. If a tooth is injured or a decaying filling permits bacteria to invade and infect the delicate pulp that makes up the tooth’s center, root canal therapy is required. A root canal infection causes pain when chewing, eating hot or cold foods and beverages, and your tooth may feel loose. Further symptoms could include swelling in the gums and cheeks around the infected tooth, which could develop into an abscess, as well as the tooth turning darker and pus pouring from it if the tooth is not treated.

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Is it possible to get rid of a root canal infection?

Because a root canal infection cannot heal on its own, it’s critical to seek treatment as soon as you notice symptoms. If you wait too long, the damage may become irreversible, and your tooth may be lost.

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A diagnosis will be confirmed by an X-ray, and treatment will be required. Your dentist will drill into the tooth under local anesthetic to uncover and remove the infection. The canal will then be disinfected, filled, and the tooth sealed with a filling or crown. The time it takes to treat an infected tooth depends on how many root canals it has. Your front teeth and incisors only have one, however your molars have two or three roots, each with one or two root canals, so they will take longer to treat.

Getting back on your feet after a root canal

You may experience soreness in and around the tooth in the days following treatment, which can be relieved with over-the-counter pain relievers. For a few days, your tooth may be sensitive. Until the tooth is totally healed, avoid biting or chewing on tougher foods.


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