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Dental Crowns Procedure

Dental Crowns Procedure


Dental Crowns Procedure: First, your dentist will apply anesthetic to numb the tooth getting the crown and the surrounding gum tissue. Then, they’ll use a dental drill and an abrasive bur to remove the outer surface of the tooth on the top and all sides, creating enough room for the crown to be placed. If there’s not enough of the tooth left to support the crown, they may first add a crown buildup to create a sound foundation on which the crown would sit. The dentist will then make an impression of the tooth using dental impression paste, putty, or a digital scanner. They send this impression to a dental laboratory to actually make the crown.

It usually takes about two to three weeks to get the crown back from the dental laboratory after the dentist sends them the impression. It’s not good for the tooth to leave it uncovered over that time, so your dentist will install a temporary crown during your initial visit. When the permanent crown arrives back at Immedia Dent’s office, you’ll have a second appointment with the dentist to install it. The temporary crown will be removed and the new crown will be adjusted to properly fit your tooth and bite. Dentists then use a special cement to affix the crown to the tooth. When the cement cures, the crown is firmly attached to the tooth.


Crowns restore the shape, strength, functionality, and appearance of a damaged tooth. After you have one placed, you’ll be able to use your tooth to chew again without risking damage to what’s underneath it. Crowns protect the vulnerable part of the tooth by physically holding it together and shielding it from damage.

Crowns are also important to restoring and maintaining the structural integrity of your mouth and bite. When a tooth decays or breaks, it leaves a gap. That gap can create further problems when it interferes with your bite or when other teeth migrate into it. By filling that gap, crowns restore your mouth’s proper structure. Last but not least, crowns also restore the appearance of your mouth, as they are mostly indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Crowns are not the answer for every kind of tooth problem, but they might be the answer to yours. If you think you need a crown, or you’re having any other kind of tooth problem, give ImmediaDent a call right away.

Whatever your dental health problem, our experts are prepared to offer a solution. Remember: you should never have to tolerate mouth or tooth pain. So don’t: call us today instead!

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