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Why do we need braces ?

Why do we need braces ?

Most people assume that the only reason to get braces is because you want straighter teeth. That is definitely one of the results of getting c, but for many people, it isn’t the only reason or even the primary reason they get braces. Braces have a number of functions and can correct a range of problems, including cosmetic issues, but also can improve a wide number of health issues in both the dental and physical category. If you are considering getting braces and want to know whether or not they are for you, here are just some of the reasons that people get braces:

To Straighten Crooked Teeth

While crooked teeth might not always be a problem—many people like their crooked teeth—the main function of braces is to straighten teeth. Any kind of braces, from Invisalign to traditional metal brackets and wires, will shift teeth into the straightest and most natural-looking alignment. While many get braces just for cosmetic reasons, straighter teeth are actually better for dental health.

To Correct a Misaligned Bite

You’ve probably heard of an over bite or under bite. An over bite occurs when the upper jaw juts out too far in front of the lower jaw, when you bite down naturally. An under bite, on the other hand, occurs when your lower jaw overlaps your upper jaw. Both of these bite issues comes with a range of problems, including putting undue stress on some teeth, while other teeth will see little to no action at all. These bits also put strain on the jaw itself, causing tension that can make the jaw ache or, again, cause you to grind your teeth, which is as bad for your teeth as it is for the jaw.

Correct Bites that Are Too Narrow

If your top arch is narrower than your bottom arch of teeth, you may be experiencing a range of problems. This issue can make it extremely difficult to chew your food thoroughly and is another cause of grinding or clenching teeth. Having one arch that is too narrow means that your teeth can never set and align properly. When you get braces, there are many techniques that your orthodontistmight use to help correct this problem. Spacers and expanders can actually widen the narrower arch, so that both arches actually line up—making it much easier for the teeth to align once they are all straight and in the most optimal position.

Bottom Line

While misaligned teeth may never present a serious health risk, having teeth that are straight and properly aligned can make it much easier to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Orthodontic treatments can also make sure that you have enough room in your mouth for wisdom teeth to grow in or even identify additional problems that your dentist or doctor should be aware of. Almost everyone will experience some grinding or clenching of their teeth during their lifetime. Braces can help to prevent this problem, as well as ensuring that the jaw and teeth are in the most optimal position for their main job—chewing food.


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