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What Is Veneer ?


let’s learn about veneer . Veneer :- Laminate veneers are a conservative treatment of unaesthetic anterior teeth. The continued development of dental ceramics offers clinicians many options for creating highly aesthetic and functional porcelain veneer – veneers. This evolution of materials, ceramics, and adhesive systems permits improvement of the aesthetic of the smile and the self-esteem of the patient. Clinicians should understand the latest ceramic materials in order to be able to recommend them and their applications and techniques, and to ensure the success of the clinical case. The current literature was reviewed to search for the most important parameters determining the long-term success, correct application, and clinical limitations of porcelain veneers.

Keywords: dental ceramic, porcelain veneers, aesthetic treatment veneer

Veneer Introduction

Restorative aesthetic dentistry should be practiced as conservatively as possible. Currently, the use of adhesive technologies makes it possible to preserve as much tooth structure as is feasible while satisfying the patient’s restorative needs and aesthetic desires. With indirect restorations, clinicians should choose a material and technique that allows the most conservative treatment; satisfies the patient’s aesthetic, structural, and biologic requirements; and has the mechanical requirements to provide clinical durability.

Based on their strength, longevity, conservative nature, biocompatibility, and aesthetics, veneers have been considered one of the most viable treatment modalities since their introduction in 1983. Aesthetic veneers in ceramic materials demonstrate excellent clinical performance and, as materials and techniques have evolved, veneers have become one of the most predictable, most aesthetic, and least invasive modalities of treatment. For this reason, both materials and techniques provide the dentist and patient an opportunity to enhance the patient’s smile in a minimally invasive to virtually noninvasive way.

Initially used to treat various kinds of tooth discoloration, porcelain laminate veneers have been increasingly replaced by more conservative therapeutic modalities, such as bleaching and enamel microabrasion. However, this evolution has not led to a decrease in indications for veneers, as materials and techniques continue to be developed. Ceramic veneers are considered the ultimate option for a conservative aesthetic approach because they leave nearly all of the enamel intact before the veneer is placed.

Since its introduction more than two decades ago,, etched ceramic veneer restoration has proven to be a durable and aesthetic modality of treatment. The clinical success that the technique has found can be attributed to great attention to detail in a set of procedures, including planning the case, with the correct indication; conservative preparation of the teeth; proper selection of ceramics to use; proper selection of the materials and methods of cementation; and proper planning for the ongoing maintenance of these restorations. Accordingly, this article discusses the aspects of ceramic laminate veneers restoration that involve materials, applications, and techniques, in order to address some concerns about newer trends, materials, and methods as they relate to the continued success of this modality of treatment.

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