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Dental Implants, Why Are We Your Ideal Choice For Implants?

Tooth loss is very a very common problem; therefore, the use of dental implants is also a common practice. Although research on dental implant designs, materials and techniques has increased in the past few years and is expected to expand in the future, there is still a lot of work involved in the use of better biomaterials, implant design, surface modification and functionalization of surfaces to improve the long-term outcomes of the treatment.
Since the use of dental implants has a long history, there are many factors that have been recognized as critical for the successful performance of the implants. One of the most important factors is biocompatibility; which not only involves compatibility of the material with the tissue but its ability to perform a specific function. Therefore, this property is not dependent just on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the material, but also by the application in which the material is used. In the case of dental implants, the biocompatibility of materials is evaluated by studying the direct interactions between the implant and the tissues, therefore long-term success of the implants, the following variables are critical and should be considered in the design of dental implants include biomaterials composition, implant width length and geometry, biomechanical factors, surface characteristics, medical status of the patient, bone quality and surgical technique.
Why Are We Your Ideal Choice For Implants?
Implants at our centers are performed by a team of implantologists to ensure surgical precision of placement and Cosmetic dentists who ensure unparallel aesthetics for the crowns (visible teeth).

The Muna Dental Center team has received technically advanced training from around the world.
We have produced thousands of implant procedures for people across the Gulf Area with a stellar success rate of 99.2%.

We use only globally accepted implant systems .We have utmost confidence in the work we do and are happy to provide a warranty of up to 15 years for the dental procedures that we do.

You are Welcom all the Time in MUNA CENTER The Best Center in Bahrain

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